Amanda JoJo
Initial two-hour session

This fun, collaborative and friendly introductory session is always a big success. It includes a home blessing, a simplified explanation of the theory which underpins our techniques and a practical clothes consultation. We will get a clear picture of what you desire for your home and then work out the best practical plan for the next sessions.
Homework will be provided!

The cost is £90

Further block of four two-hour sessions

In these weekly or fortnightly sessions we build on the techniques and theories learned in the first session and help each client with their specific areas of need. We can advise on storage solutions, folding and organising, can offer simple interior design ideas and styling advice for selling your home.

For decluttering we will typically tackle, books, paper, kitchen and miscellaneous, devoting one session to each topic. We give you enough tools and techniques to complete the clearing and organising of your home alone.

Smudging with sage, lighting a candle and setting intentions and the ringing of Tibetan bells are loving ways in which we help raise the energy in your home to make the process more enjoyable.

The cost is £360

Additional sessions

These can be booked individually after the above five sessions have been completed if and when more are needed.
Our customers are all different and some need more than others.

The cost is £90 each