Amanda JoJo

What our clients have said


“I felt nervous and a bit ashamed before Amanda and Jojo came to my house for the first time. Why couldn’t I sort out my own muddles and more to the point, why hadn’t I?

Very quickly these feelings fell away as I revelled in the best kind of attention ever – solid gold carat help. Better than a massage; better than a Spa day! In two hours we achieved more than I would have managed in twelve.

The results are still here to see, and have inspired me to continue building on them. I couldn’t be happier to recommend these two – it’s the best money you’ll ever spend!”

Sam, Uley

“I was not sure what to expect when I engaged Amandajojo to help me sort out my chaotic wardrobe. To be honest I was slightly embarrassed by the messy muddle and not really sure that any good could come of it … but … from the moment they arrived I knew it was going to be not only fine but hugely enjoyable.

Amanda and Jojo are a brilliant double act and they really know what they are about. Within a very short time, my clothes were piled in an enormous heap on the bed and the decision making began … keep it if it sparks joy and, if not, discard it with thanks. At first, this felt cumbersome but it very quickly became intuitive and freeing. I could not believe it when, two hours later, I had a beautifully ordered wardrobe, arranged by Jojo according to colour. Not only that but all my jumpers were neatly folded and stacked like those in the most elegant of department stores (and we had filled several bin liners with clothes that no longer delighted me).

This has made such a difference. I now love my wardrobe so much that it has been no hardship to keep going with the beauty and order that Amandajojo created.

I will, in time, have them back for the next phase – the sorting of my kitchen, books and papers.”

Fiona, Horsley