Folding as an act of love

Amanda JoJo

Look after the clothes you love

When you have chosen the clothes that you love and want to keep in your life it is worth looking after them well.

There are not many things more pleasurable than opening a drawer or wardrobe full of beautifully folded clothes. This not only lifts the spirits but makes it possible to find and choose the clothes you want to wear at a glance. What better way to start your day!

Appreciation and gratitude

Folding gives you an opportunity to connect with and love your clothes every time you put them away. Start off by laying them flat and stroking them smooth in an act of appreciation and gratitude. Have it in mind the space that they will occupy so that you know their desired finished width and length. Your final shape should be pleasing, uniform (without unsightly bits or straps showing) and in proportion with the item. Often this will stand up on its own but this is not essential. It does not work if clothes are too tightly packed and squashed.

A creative act

Arranging clothes in drawers or wardrobes is a wonderful creative act of organising. In drawers, graduate from light and the front to dark at the back. When hanging clothes be mindful of being able to see part of everything. It works well to hang longest clothes on the left and shortest on the right if you have a clear vision. Store lightest clothes in top drawers and heavier items on the bottom. Arrange and collate similar items and colours together.


As a general rule the item is divided into three lengthwise. Each outer edge is folded into the middle and flattened. This width is the finished size so make adjustments now. Then the remaining long thin rectangle is folded in half and once or twice again. It is really satisfying when all the widths are exactly the same making for a neat and tidy result.

Organised forever

The art of folding is a way to develop a relationship with you and your clothes. You can change the places they are stored depending on seasons or how often you use them. Being actively connected with them helps you keep track of how much joy they bring and when is the right time to let them go. This will keep your wardrobe and drawers decluttered and organised forever!

A blissful clear home.