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Amanda JoJo

Answers to your questions

Will you take my stuff away?

No sorry. We can offer advice on the best place to recycle or sell your items.

Do you charge upfront for initial session and block?

Yes please. We find it’s a really powerful motivational technique for our clients! Making a payment helps create a mental shift which is already an important step towards positive change in your home and in your life.

How many sessions will I need?

We recommend that you have the introductory session followed by the block of four sessions. We think this is the minimum you will need in order to make a big impact on your home. We plan these sessions to give you the tools and techniques you need to set you on the right course.

After that you can book additional sessions. People get so excited with our methods that they find they ‘get the bug’. As you reveal beautiful areas in your home you might well find you want to do more.

Where are you based and what area do you cover?

We live in Stroud and will travel to surrounding towns and villages within a 30 mile radius. If you are lucky enough to be local then travel will be free, otherwise there will be a small charge.

Will you bring cake?

Most definitely if you’d like us to!