A helping hand

Amanda JoJo


If you are at a crossroads in your life and need to make changes to your home, that will support you moving forward, we can help. Whether you need to get your home ready to sell, are expecting a child or just need to feel more in control, we can create a program to fit your needs.

Perhaps you want a clear home but you don’t know where to start. We can help you deal with the anxiety and stress of letting things go. Like old friends we come without judgement and support you through a process of change. We take genuine pride in helping our clients through the empowering process of creating blissful surroundings. Seeing people become more in control, confident and happy is truly delightful.

With our guidance you can turn decluttering into a fun process. We teach you new skills which will ripple into all aspects of your life.

The secret

Do you notice that some people have beautiful homes which they care for, seemingly effortlessly? It’s thanks to a certain attitude towards their homes and belongings, which you can learn too.  We teach time-honoured tips and techniques for storage and folding which our customers find they can use forever. Your care and respect for your belongings will filter through to your family and children. In turn, your gift of domestic wisdom will last their whole lives.